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Welcome to Site's Crystal Award Online Entry System!

By entering the information below, you are registering for the Crystal Award online entry process. After submitting this information, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address you provided. Feel free to e-mail Site Global if you need help registering, or do not receive your confirmation e-mail (be sure to check your spam mail folder for your confirmation e-mail).

Entry Fees:

Site members: $250.00 for first entry; $200.00 for additional entries (USD)

Non-site members: $500.00 for first entry; $250.00 for additional entries (USD)

Entrants may submit more than one entry. The new online entry system allows you the ease of submitting multiple entries under one registration. You do not need to sign-up multiple times for multiple entries!


Entries will be accepted for any incentive campaigns, special events or promotional campaigns related to an incentive/motivational program held 1 May 2013 and 1 May 2014.

Judging Criteria:

All entries will be awarded points based on the criteria outlined in each specific category. There are 105 total points possible. Entries that receive 89+ points (points from all judges will be averaged) will qualify to move to the “final round” where winners will be reviewed by a panel of judges. If all entrants for a specific category do not meet the minimum point requirement, that category will not have a winner. There can be multiple winners per category. Winners and non-winners will be notified three months before the Crystal Awards Ceremony, held on 16 Novermber 2014 at the Site Global Conference in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

All entries will be evaluated by a minimum of three judges. The panel of judges will consist of international industry though leaders, incentive end users, purchasers of incentive experiences, media and academic professionals, etc.

Please note, to ensure all entries are judged fairly, it is now required that all entrants ensure that their name/company name/picture/logos do NOT appear anywhere on the entry, with the exception of the entry form.

Note: Your Site member number will not work as a login for this area. Your username and password for this Crystal Awards system is not the same as your username and password for Siteglobal.com.

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